We face an unprecedented pace of evolution — in and outside our organizations.

Your ignitor mindset enables you to stay a step ahead – personally and professionally.

Our learning and coaching programs are designed to help you

  • Discover your personal purpose
  • Optimize your mindset to ignite change
  • Learn the skills to handle tomorrow's challenges
  • Evolve as a leader to reach your next level of performance

In addition to digital courses and programs, Ignitor Academy offers custom, 1:1 coaching solutions.

Ignitor Academy is the place where you connect with courage and begin to ignite the power of purpose.

Business evolution begins with the courage of individuals.

Join the movement. Become an Ignitor!

"I learned different ways to approach leadership practices where I have different and better outcomes than previously."

– Program Participant

"This course was a reminder that a manager not only needs to have order and productivity, but also understanding of the needs of the employee. People don't simply "leave their problems outside the door" as many managers demand. We are not machines with dials and switches. Sometimes people just need an ear to listen with a quiet voice of empathy to express themselves."

– Program Participant

"This program has helped me to feel more calm and less stressed, enabling me to work better with my team. It has helped me to reach out to each member in a more personal, caring way. I am very fortunate to have such great people on my team to begin with."

– Program Participant